Milind Nayak

Landscapes, water, grasses, trees and wind..nature in all its brilliant colours is the theme in all the paintings of this well-established artist. Self taught and prolific, Milind’s work is inspired by the sunlight and rains of the monsoons in coastal India, the lotus pond he would linger by in his childhood, the mystical landscapes and everything else that captures his imagination.

Though his subjects vary from abstract to nature, the underlining principal remains the same – freedom. He believes that the freedom to choose how to express oneself is the privilege of the artist and likes his art to be free and spontaneous, like an act of faith. He likes to experiment with various mediums like watercolours, graphite sticks and pastel.

A philosopher, writer, poet and foremost a painter, Milind bares his soul in his paintings. Every work has a story to tell, a memory to share and a composition to disclose – a crescendo of colours and form to bring absolute joy to his audience.

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