Affordable Art

Aarasa works directly with artists and is able to offer an effective pricing system to clients. Aarasa is an independent consultancy without any business affiliations with galleries. Believing that high prices and formidable art spaces should not interfere with the ability to enjoy art, Aarasa is committed to bringing art to the people.

Driven by the belief that art must be inclusive and accessible to all, Aarasa has developed a gifting segment, which consists of a collection of high quality and original artworks by grassroots artists from remote parts of India. This category addresses the problem of sustainability that an entire community of unknown artists struggles with. Our range starts at an affordable USD 40 (Approx INR 2,500).

India is rich in artistic talent, but several artists abandon creative pursuits when they find no financial support or recognition of their work. Aarasa focuses on discovering emerging talent, nurturing it in India and promoting it on an international platform. The consultancy hopes to enable more artists to pursue their passion, by creating a sustainable model for sales as well as by taking their work to the world.

Aarasa’s work extends beyond paintings, sculptures and photography to projects as diverse as illustrating books, designing furniture with art, and branding for lifestyle stores.

The Aarasa team also designs and implements high end art and branding projects. Caravan Craft, Cross Currents and Paul Fernandez are some of the brands for which Aarasa has undertaken branding work.