Basuki Dasgupta

Basuki Dasgupta is born in Bishnupur, West Bengal, a town famous for its terracotta temple. He is a graduate in painting and post graduate in mural painting from Santiniketan-Visva Bharati.

Basuki paintings often depict strong powerful women like Goddess Durga from the Hindu mythology, who triumphed over a demon named Mahishasura. He believes that the battle of good verses evil is ever so pertinent today as there is constant war of compassion and truth over greed and ego. He draws inspiration from the real goddess in his life – his mother and aunts whom he has seen fight these battles with extreme grace and poise.

He uses bold colours and textures to differentiate various characters in his work and draws inspiration from the architecture of the terracotta temple of his home town. His work has been showcased in all major cities in India.

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Basuki Das Gupta 36x48 (b)