Anjali Ponni

Anjali is a well recognized artist from Chennai.  Her works are related to spirituality and science. She worked as a Research Specialist for a neurologist, Dr.Branch Coslett, at University of Pennysylvania. Most of her art is influenced by the experience and knowledge during those years.

Although she co majored in Art at Franklin and Marshalls college, USA, post per graduation, she worked for Goldman Sachs for sales. During those years the artist in her never found a way to express herself. Whether its Destiny or free will, Anjali found a way to combine science and spirituality into art after moving back to India.

Anjali’s inspired by day to day life experiences and also art therapy sessions with Neuro and Cancer patients since she believes Art therapy and a spiritual outlook are very Healing! Her artworks are a combination of charcoal, oil, acrylic, photos and graphics. Her varied style and ideas reflects her perception of how she experiences life!

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Akarma Series - Equations