Amrish Malvankar

Amrish is an architect by profession and a graduate of the prestigious Sir JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai. With a keen eye for detail, painting is a natural extension of his creativity. He likes to experiments with different mediums like water colour, ink, oil, sketch and acrylic to name a few. He often uses bold colours and textures in his muse and believes that every painting connects with you through your own personal reflections. He likes his audience to enjoy the pure visual treat of colour combinations to celebrate different shades of life.

As an architect, he often came across people who wanted to add spark to their walls but did not know how and what to choose. In his own words, “A painting doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult for you to be able to appreciate it. It should add to the beauty and aesthetic value of your space and should be pleasing to your senses. You need to just enjoy the elements and colours without having to overtly complicate it.”

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