Who we work with

The Aarasa team works with artists, art collectors, art galleries, interior designers, architects, individuals interested in art, first-time art buyers, hotels, corporates and retailers.

Aarasa has redefined the role of an art consultancy firm through its branding projects, going to great lengths to understand a client’s needs and creating a unique depth to artistic experiences. In one such assignment,

Aarasa commissioned a series of beautiful paintings by Anjali Ponni for Dr. Mukta Sachdev’s Dermatology Clinic. The pieces seamlessly incorporated the logo, and reflected themes of science to fit in with the space.

At Temple Tree, a boutique hotel, Aarasa went beyond curating the art in order to understand and develop an aesthetic for the space. The consultancy has also worked on a collaborative project with interior design firm Cross Currents and artist Paul Fernandez to design a range of furniture.

Caravan Craft, a contemporary fashion brand, commissioned works that combined art and branding to create a powerful communication tool for the retail brand.